Gregory R KissnerGregory R Kissner
Writer / Assistant Editor / Co-Producer / Storyboard Artist

Gregory R. Kissner's career started at a young age, like many contemporary filmmakers he turned his backyard into his backlot. He grew up in Toledo, Ohio and left for school to attend the Columbus College of Art and Design. There he met and collaborated with his now, co-founders of True Studios on various short format film and video pieces. After writing and directing Leaving Toledo, a feature film that was set into production in 2005, he was presented with the concept for On the Lam by director Corey Aumiller, and Leaving Toledo was put aside, with good reason. After a crucial turn of events, the location chosen for On the Lam was comprimised and at the last minute changed to Big Bend National Park in south Texas. Because of this, the actors chosen for the project dropped out and Kissner was chosen to play one of the leading roles, Neil Ward in the film, alongside Aaron Syler. During production it was decided that through the bond of friendship and creativity True Studios would be born.

On The Lam

a True Studios film
directed by Corey Aumiller


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